How it works

👋    Why did you make this website?

This page is a “spot the difference” image comparison tool. It allows you to easily compare two images and spot the differences between them.

This tool is built using HTML5, and it’s completely browser-based – you don’t need to download anything. The tool pretty much works in any modern browser. It is also fully retina-aware, so it looks very nice on high-resolution displays.

If you want to quickly share an image that contains any differences with someone else – simply upload it on our server, and share a link to this page (at free version link works 24 hours).

🖼    Which image-types are allowed?

Currently we allow images with the following 3 image types:

  • jpeg
  • png
  • gif

📐    What is the maximum size of the images?

The maximum file size for the images to compare is 2MB. You can try bigger files, however due to limitations of the machine we run on, there is a high chance of the comparison failing.

📚    What if the images are different size?

If the images are of different size, the bigger image is resized to the size of the smaller image.

🚻    What if the images have a different format?

During the resizing the bigger width/height is squashed to the smaller width/height. So the resulting image has the shortest width as width, and the shortest height as height.

🤱    What if the images are of different Mime-Types?

The library used for the comparison can handle different Mime-Types, but there might be some inaccuracy.

🗄    Are the images I upload stored on your server?

Yes – temporarily. We regularly (each 24 hours) delete old uploads, but they are stored temporarily in order to be processed and served.

🔭    Can other people see the images I upload?

Technically yes, if they can guess the random string we use as a name for the file. However, that is very unlikely.

🧻    Something isn’t working!

If there is some sort of problem, you can feel free to to contact us through the email: to[dog]